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Liquid Bubbles

Tony D's 
EYE of The Beholder

Abstract Paint
Liquid Bubbles

The Continuation of Creativity

daughters butterfly_edited.jpg

The abstract world is what the, EYE of The Beholder is originally about. With the perspective that those that love art see what they want and have a different viewpoint then others. The uniqueness of the individual is what EoTB believes in. 

couples hands_edited.jpg

The world of life-casting captures the world that others see. Beauty is truly in the, EYE of The Beholder and life-casting brings those beautiful lines, curves, and flaws (yes, beautiful flaws) into the light and lets the world know how the shape of a body can be art. Whether it is the simplest cast to the creative designs, life-casting is the capture of the individual (s).  

wood burn_edited.jpg

The world of, EYE of The Beholder in not limited. Creation comes from all forms of influences. Wood is one of the greatest ways to create art. Creating designs for art enthusiasts on wood is something that can be beautiful as well as mentally relaxing. 

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